About First Research

First Research is the leading provider of market analysis tools that help you perform faster and smarter, open doors and close more deals. First Research performs the “heavy lifting” by synthesizing hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format a sales person can consume quickly to better understand a prospect’s or client’s business issues. Our customers include leading companies in banking, accounting, technology, telecommunications, business process outsourcing, and professional and business services. Used by thousands of sales and marketing professionals, First Research can benefit any organization that has prospects in multiple industries.

Our product is supported by a team of industry specialists, many of which have advanced degrees and 10-20 years experience in business writing about companies and industries, with deep knowledge in specific areas such as banking and finance, computers and telecommunication, manufacturing, media, retail, and real estate.

First Research was founded in 1998 by a sales professional in the financial services industry who recognized a direct correlation between time spent on industry research and the success of the sales call. The company was bought in 2007 by Dun & Bradstreet and merged with Hoover's, the leading provider of online information about companies and executives. D&B, Hoover's, and First Research each offer unique product solutions that connect the dots, making business information accessible, meaningful, and actionable -- saving customers time and money.

Today First Research, a division of Hoover's Inc. and located in Austin, Texas, offers customers industry research reports covering over 1000 industry segments. Many of our profiles include in-depth international industry information, creating a comprehensive suite of data that is continuously updated to ensure content is both timely and top of mind.

More about Hoovers & D&B:

Hoover's Inc., a D&B company, puts its customers on the fastest path to business, delivering comprehensive insight and analysis about the companies, industries and people that drive the economy, along with the powerful tools to find and connect to the right people to get business done. Hoover's offers proprietary business information through the Internet, data feeds, wireless devices, and co-branding agreements with other online services.

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Careers at D&B

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, known as D&B, is one of the world's leading suppliers of business information, services, and research. Its database contains information on more than 200 million companies in over 200 countries, including the largest volume of business-credit information in the world. The company's risk management segment (the largest segment, accounting for more than half of D&B's revenues) sells that information and integrates it into software products and Web-based applications. D&B also offers marketing information and purchasing-support services.

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First Research is a division of Hoover’s Inc. and is located in Austin, TX. First Research was founded in 1998.

  • "We have found the reports to be a clear, concise, “one stop” resource for accessing current and pertinent industry data. The Key Questions are excellent tools for the experienced lender or analyst as well as the junior associate. We have found that these questions position us well for meetings with customers, prospects, CPAs and others."
    • Clayton R. Lee, II
      Executive Vice President - Credit Administration
      Regions Bank