Motion Picture Production & Distribution Industry Profile

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Last Quarterly Update: 3/6/2023
SIC Codes: 7812, 7822
NAICS Codes: 51211, 51212
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Excerpt from Motion Picture Production & Distribution Industry Profile

Companies in this industry produce and distribute motion pictures, videos, television programs, or commercials. Major companies include Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros, as well as streaming services Amazon and Netflix (all based in the US). Outside the US, major companies include Reliance Entertainment (India), Toho (Japan), Village Roadshow (Australia), and Wanda Media (China).

Globally, the overseas box office accounts for more than 80% of the industry revenue or about $16.8 billion, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The Asia/Pacific region accounts for the greatest share of global movie box office revenue followed by the Europe/Middle East/Africa region and Latin America and then US and Canada, with Latin America accounting for the remainder.

The US motion picture production and distribution industry includes about 14,400 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $66 billion.

The top motion picture studios are generally part of larger media companies. Most companies in the industry engage in both production and distribution of motion pictures; about 350 US establishments are solely distributors. Production and distribution of television programs is included in the industry but discussed more fully in a separate profile.


Consumer spending drives demand. The profitability of individual companies depends on creativity, marketing, and distribution. Large companies often have the advantages of attracting key actors and directors, a permanent ...

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