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What are your company's goals?

Is it to become a national or global industry leader? Is it international growth or territorial expansion? To compete in multiple industries or verticals? To enhance retention by building consultative relationships?

Now, what is your customer's goal?

Do you really understand their business? What obstacles and risks do they face? What opportunities should they consider? Whether you are a finance professional, management or career consultant, business broker, or entrepreneur, do you have the tools to be your customer’s trusted business advisor?

That's Where We Come In. For Every Goal, There is First Research.

First Research is the leading provider of industry intelligence tools that help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, opening doors and closing more deals. Without adding hours to your workday, you can infuse sales calls, business meetings, presentations, and outreach efforts with up-to-date industry information that demonstrates a thorough understanding of your prospects’ and clients’ challenges and opportunities. Call us at (866) 788-9389 or toll-free International (800) 486-8666 to learn about subscription options.

What does First Research provide?

First Research industry reports offer extensive industry research written from a objective business perspective to help you become a trusted industry advisor. With industry statistics and industry news updated monthly, First Research industry profiles offer the most timely and recent industry information available so you can keep up with market changes. When you subscribe to First Research, you'll have unlimited direct access to extensive market analysis on more than 1000 top industry segments. First Research industry research gives you the ability to understand a potential or existing client’s business issues, without a time-consuming and expensive research process.

Each report consists of key statistics and analysis on market and competitive landscape characteristics, operating conditions, business challenges, industry trends, current and historical industry growth, and more. These features, plus our sales call preparation questions and industry forecasts, help you make more informed business decisions in less time. Many reports also include a global industry analysis. Each industry report is available online in print-friendly customizable HTML format, copy/paste text only format, and PDF format.

With a subscription, you will also have free access to valuable workflow tools like the sales call prep sheets, mobile optimized site, use-case examples, and email alerts. Besides having international industry information in many of the reports, you will also have access to First Research’s Canadian industry research reports.

How is First Research used?

First Research industry profiles are used for sales call preparation; creating business plans, sales & marketing presentations, and pitch books; benchmarking and forecasting; understanding market size and competitive landscape; business valuations and litigation support; due diligence and more.

How do I access First Research?

We’ll work with you, providing the attention and support you need to seamlessly integrate First Research sales tools into your business processes. Through a direct link on your Intranet, through a co-branded site, or directly integrated into your sales process via Web Services, multiple users gain direct access to a wide range of industry knowledge sales tools and market analysis. Your sales and marketing team can streamline your entire sales process, create compelling RFPs and valuations, and distinguish your firm from the competition. Call us at (866) 788-9389 or toll-free International (800) 486-8666 to learn about subscription options.

What Are People Saying?

  • At the small business level you're always looking for creative ways to improve your sales efforts. First Research gives us an edge. We are able to better understand our prospect's needs; allowing us to improve our service, deepen our relationships and ultimately increase our bottom line."
    • Michael Chittum, President, Infranet Technologies Group

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What You Get with a Subscription

Call Prep Sheets

Have access to these valuable tools anytime before you make a call. These have been specially prepared by our Industry experts. View Sample.

Industry Profiles

A comprehensive guide to more than 1000 industry segments -- View Sample

  • Leverage global and national information about your target market's challenges and opportunities
  • Engage key prospects and deepen customer relationships
  • Dynamic news and social info to keep you up-to-date with the latest events and trends - View Sample
Industry Prospector

Perform cross-comparisons and valuations in a flash, creating more time for selling and relationship-building

  • Discover new opportunities using financial ratios to assess industry health
  • Identify and take advantage of industry growth trends
State & Province Profiles

Powerful economic insight in a cohesive, easy-to-use format -- View Sample

  • Assess regional risk using state and local real estate and employment trends
  • Leverage powerful news and alerts in your targeted regional campaigns
E-mail Alerts

Relevant and timely news alerts delivered daily, giving you industry news as it occurs - View Sample

  • Keen insights by industry specialists delivered each quarter, keeping you abreast of critical issues and business trends - View Sample
  • Set your customer messaging apart using cutting-edge industry updates
International Coverage

  • 200+ Country profiles to help assess risk and opportunity
  • Canadian-specific profiles on key industries