Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the content updated?

Industry profiles are updated continuously with real-time news and social information. A team of Industry Specialists constantly updates First Research Industry Profiles with the latest information and industry indicators. The industry profile content updates are implemented in constant cycles, with specific sections updated on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis with the latest data available.

Each month, every Industry Profile gets updated with the freshest statistical data, and every quarter our comprehensive Industry Profiles are reviewed and updated by an Industry Specialist. Profile features such multiple economic statistics, employment and wage data, and industry indicators are updated monthly so you always have the latest industry changes at your fingertips.


How do I find an industry profile?

Use the centralized search box to search industry intelligence by keyword, SIC code, or NAICS code. The keyword search method is recommended if you are unfamiliar with industry codes. The whole profile library will be searched for the keyword.


How does First Research create its industry forecast numbers?

Each number comes from the INFORUM modeling data base, which is built on historic data derived from official government figures. For example, personal consumption expenditure is derived data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.


What does the Industry Growth Rating indicate?

The graphic indicates the growth of industry revenue, value, or other drivers such as consumer spending (depending on Inforum indicator), relative to other US industries covered by First Research. The bullet sentences outline a few of the basic demand and risk factors influencing the industry.


What are SIC and NAICS codes?

SIC stands for Standard Industry Classification, and NAICS mean North American Industry Classification System. Both code systems were created by the government to classify businesses into industries. Hence, you can input either type of code and it will map you to an Industry Profile. The SIC & NAICS codes are listed at the top of every Industry Profile.


How do I find regional information?

Click on the State and Province Profiles tab and you’ll be directed to a click-through graphic map of the US and Canada. Simply click on the state or province for which you need regional information.


Does First Research provide analysis on companies?

No, First Research focuses on Industry Intelligence, which reveals the trends, challenges, and opportunities within businesses in selected fields. Though there will be business specific information found in the Recent Developments section of a profile, the tool’s scope is focused on industry data.


How do I contact customer service?

Call toll-free 866.788.9389 or toll-free International 800.486.8666 or email


How do I provide feedback for industry profiles and other First Research tools?

Call toll-free 866.788.9389. or toll-free International 800.486.8666 or email


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