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First Research was designed with one thing in mind: to give your sales team the edge they need to sell into your core target markets. For marketers targeting the computer industry, the telecommunications industry, the printing industry, and the advertising industry, our technology market research capabilities are invaluable. First Research can provide you with detailed market analysis and forecast information that will help you refine your programs, so that you can achieve maximum ROI and increased sales.

The technology market research that we provide encompasses all aspects of the communication business, which means that not only can First Research give you insight into the future of the computer industry, but the printing industry and the advertising industry, as well. Often, these marketplaces are interconnected – for example, market fluctuations in the computer industry may have a direct influence on what happens in the telecommunications industry and the advertising industry, and vice-versa. First Research's detailed Industry Profiles provide in-depth market analysis that takes the guesswork out of selling to businesses within all of these marketplaces.

For instance, our printing industry research includes market predictors, financial components, and other pertinent technology marketing research that will help you target your campaigns to potential printing industry customers. This information is right at your fingertips and is always up-to-date, enabling you to increase profit margins and develop customer relationships.

Knowledge truly is power when it comes to marketing to the computer industry and related marketplaces. First Research puts that power directly in your hands.

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